Who Else is Attending

MYM is pleased to acknowledge receiving financial support from The Mental Health Social Care department at The Medway Council.
We have also received positive comments and feedback about our workshop from local MP’s and The Deputy Mayor.

MYM Workshops are for all who want to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Some people attend because they are worried and anxious - others because they have encountered a sudden crisis in their lives. Some people just want to de-stress and improve their lives.
MYM Workshops are designed for people with mild to moderate stress, anxiety or depression – subject to meeting the acceptance criteria on the next page: How to Join the Workshop.
MYM Workshops are about learning new skills to help people cope better with and in many cases to overcome the stresses, worries and hard knocks from life. All who attend feel it is time to do something to change their lives for the better.
Some Workshop attendees have gone on to become volunteers who help to run the Workshops.

In addition to people who come to MYM direct, many people are also referred to us by other health professionals from other organisations, including:

  • Many GP’s in the area are referring people to MYM
  • Local community health organisations such as The Health and Lifestyle Team and community counsellors.
  • Medway Ethnic Minorities Forum
  • Rochester Adult Education
  • Kent Counselling Association


  • All of my patients that have attended have given a very positive feedback to the extent that they feel more in control of their symptoms and are able to self manage their condition.
    Local Medway GP
  • I think this is a great service that you are providing and so I do encourage a lot of patients to attend, though I think only a small percentage do.
    GP Feedback

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