About the Workshop

“Take a deep breath ......”. We all know that deep breathing is a key to relaxing.

  • Different techniques for relaxation
  • To manage anxiety in everyday stressful situations
  • How to avoid triggering common destructive stress responses.
You will be taught breathing and meditation techniques for physical and mental relaxation, combined with simple information that equips you with the skills required to handle the common emotional and psychological responses to challenging situations.
Every week you will learn something different and during the sessions we will reinforce what we teach you so at the end of the programme you will be confident in practicing these techniques at home.
You will work in a group, which is good for motivating everyone and makes it more fun. You will not be asked to talk in front of the group.
The method has been used by us in numerous high stress situations such as in trauma relief after disasters, to empower young people in third world countries and various communities both nationally and internationally.
The Introductory Workshops are provided FREE of charge so that everyone can attend.
The Workshops are the initiative of Dr Farnaaz Sharief. In her work as a local GP, Dr Sharief saw a lot of people who were stressed or anxious and wanted to support these people by setting up The Manage Your Mind – Manage Your Life Workshops.

To read more about Dr Sharief’s experience and story, click here.

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