After a fantastic 6.5 years, Manage Your Mind will cease to run in its current format at the end of March 2019.
It is no longer sustainable in its current form.

Manage Your Mind as led by Dr Farnaaz Sharief has effectively demonstrated that there are genuine natural alternatives available to people affected by mild-moderate mental health conditions at an affordable and reduced cost to what is currently available from the NHS. An external evaluation, conducted by The University of Kent, Centre For Health Service Studies, shows that the programme achieved significant reductions in depression and anxiety (up to 80%) amongst those who completed the entire programme. Overtime, Dr Sharief will use the knowledge and skills taught on Manage Your Mind to develop similar programmes suitable for physicians and other healthcare professionals in this field.

Follow up sessions for those who have completed the weekend workshop as part of the programme will continue, albeit less frequently – and volunteers will be encouraged to lead the way in sustaining these and any other initiatives that could run under the MYM CIC banner (e.g. Fundraisers). All participants who have signed up to the online Web Application will also have access to this until their subscription expires.

This has been an incredible six and half year journey for all of us – and we hope to build on it’s success with future, more sustainable initiatives that will reach out to larger populations. We thank the NHS (Medway), University of Kent and Medway Council for their support and encouragement... And all our amazing volunteers who have helped out in so many ways.